ASG Eco-intelligent Water treatment tech easy smart operate

Aqueous Solutions Global is a company manufacturing filtration media for water treatment. How this Media works? it work like a intelligent eating machine eating all the contaminants and bacterias include superbugs. Do not need person to control it , it works automatically. when the contaminated water contacted the Media the water gets cleaned, it can continually produce high quality drinking water consistently. Until the media is full filled with the contaminates. The media could last for years long! This dramatically reduce the maintenance and control during the operate process. this intelligent media bond the contaminates permanently, So when the Media is full filled with the contaminate, you can simply throw it to landfill (it has pass the Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure) or use it as Eco paver material or sandpaper or cement. This technology do not have Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion problems which most of big companies can’t solve this problem.

This process is energy save and water resource save, it do not require electricity and do not waste one drop of water during the process. and do not required heavy equipment. This process produces high quality of drinking water directly from utility pipe to every household, it bring the convenience for everyone and keep people stay healthy.

We have the solutions for different kind type of water problems, our media can mix up for the best formula to fix your water problems and with such a intelligent operate process it could save tons of you money to produce the high quality of drinking Water witch is no other can done that. What is your excuse still waiting there and not take actions?

Published by Jenny AiJuan Badger

My name is Jenny AiJuan Badger I’m the founder of Global Healthy Water Foundation and a board member of Aqueous Solutions Global. I'm committed in save people life through transform utilities around the world to Eco-utilities, produce unsurpassed water quality, healthy drinking tap water to improve the society and our planet health. prevent pandemic and chronic diseases. to achieve the goal of free healthcare for all

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