Which Water has the best quality for health?

Are you get confused by clean drinking water, safe drinking water, pure drinking water, alkali drinking water, healthy drinking water?

Let me help you understand different water treatment technology produces different quality of Water. 

Aqueous Solutions Global Water Filtration Media(NaturalDNA Solution) is the only one water treatment technology has solved Two major problems that the other water treatment technology can’t solve.

1. Disinfection byproducts problem

2.Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion problems

Disinfection Byproducts is the results of chemical treatment during the water treatment process, this are harmful for your health. Even the non chemical water treatment like Ozone will forming bromate.

This two major problem which will cause cancer and reproductive problems such as birth defects and bacterial caused diseases.   

Except we solved this Two major problems our water do not have hard water problems.

3 Water Hardness problem.

Our Technology during the water process can adjust the water PH to the best level. additional softener is not necessary.

4.remove dissolved heavy metal in juice

Our technology is also the only technology can remove heavy metal off juice without change the Nutrition taste and color of juice, this is the best juice for your children.

I hope I had explained why this technology produce the best quality of the water, is the best for health and this technology produce clean water do not required electricity has zero pollution benefit for environment and economy , What you waiting for? start business of your own be our franchiser, We help You get success for your business. For more questions, please do not be hesitate contact us.

Published by Jenny AiJuan Badger

My name is Jenny AiJuan Badger I’m the founder of Global Healthy Water Foundation and a board member of Aqueous Solutions Global. I'm committed in save people life through transform utilities around the world to Eco-utilities, produce unsurpassed water quality, healthy drinking tap water to improve the society and our planet health. prevent pandemic and chronic diseases. to achieve the goal of free healthcare for all https://globalhealthywater.org

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