Jenny Badger & Safe Drinking Tap Water

I fight for Climate Change. Working on promote Safe Drinking Tap Water prevent water born diseases protect everyone ‘s health

My name is Jenny A Badger I’m a board member of Aqueous Solutions Global. I’m American immigrated from China During the economic recession in 2008. I saw American are suffering from the recession financially and physically.

I’m lucky enough to know in our family there is one greatest technology that can change human life for the better. and this great technology Almost Strangled by humans. I inspired by American Entrepreneurship. After my husband’s retirement, we did some research talked with numbers of government workers, Banks. entrepreneurs. investors in several different states. finally, we decide to start our own business in Richmond Virginia in 2015.

In the past four years, I have learned the difficulty to start a business in the USA. it seems to be everyone from politician to little children is enthusiastic fight climate change. I wonder what people really fight for? clean Air? clean energy? clean Water! climate change number one task is about Water! here is the amazing technology #SafeDrinkingTapWater it not only can enable utilities around the world to produce the highest quality drinking water protect public health. it is for clean Air too. it is a zero-emission water treatment technology. it reduces the environment destruction too. ( learn more about this tech click link below) Where could you find a better technology than this? To prevent epidemic diseases destroy the virus surviving environment is the key–Water. Politicians and Environmental Protectors, are you really fight for American health and the Economy ? Sign your Bill for #SafeDrinkingTapWater for all. Please.

Solution for highest quality and profitable business

Bio Molecular tech save our Environment

Safe Drinking Tap Water

Water Filtration Media

Aqueous Solutions Global

Eco-Utility System

ASG Water System


Published by Jenny Badger

My Full Name is Jenny AiJuan Badger I'm founder at Global Healthy Water Foundation, co-founder and a board member at Aqueous Solutions Global. I'm born in Shanghai China, spent my early life in Germany, my German husband died in cancer disease. in 2007 I finished my 8 years of single life Married my current husband Alden Bruce Badger and immigrated to the United States in 2008. I don't have children, as the first marriage I plan to have children my husband died, as the second marriage it was too late for me to have children . I speak German, English, certainly Chinese. in 2014 I became US citizen, 2015 started business in Richmond VA, Aqueous Solutions Global LLC, an innovative technology company manufacturing the water filtration media. this technology invented by Dr. Timothy John Badger and Dr. Paul K Smith. because of this technology is an invention, no one knows the function and importance of this technology, I as part of business owner and family member take the task to learn and promote this technology, I haven't formally learned English in the School, I have learned Russia language in my grand , middle and high school for 6 years. I conquered all languages difficulty, and learn web post maker, I wrote all the post by myself, created social media and website in the past years. through the work online I have learned what is water quality, and scientist and doctors are told us most diseases are caused by contaminated drinking water, I realized the technology I've been promote is a lifesaving technology and enable anyone to access or produce healthy water, therefore I established Global Healthy Water Foundation in2020, my mission is to let everyone live a disease-free life. my strategic plan to fight climate change is to promote the green industry to build an Ultimate Modern World. my website

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