this is your rights, get involved

Have you ever hear someone explained to you what is safe drinking water Quality? what standard of quality water will provide the benefits to protect your health? Politicians and Lawmakers promise to Voters have access to Safe drinking water, make regulations for the Safe Drinking Water Act. but won’t explain what is the safe drinking water quality?

EPA and HHS, CDC lawmakers are understood that Water Quality is linked to health issues and knowing that chemicals in water can cause cancer and another disease for decades. there is a #SafeDrinkingTapWater technology existed for decade. However, the use of “safe drinking tap water” technology is not permitted to serve the public. lawmakers are continue to allow water industry to sell the Water that causes cancer and diseases to harm public health. lawmakers are put public health and innocent lives in jeopardy.

American peoples and peoples around World will you agree to pay your water bill that cause you getting cancer and most of chronic diseases ? If you don’t like getting diseases and pay high cost healthcare bill. visit please calling and ask lawmakers to provide #SafeDrinkingTapWater to claim your rights to be stay healthy.