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my name is Jenny Badger, I’m a Board Member of the Aqueous Solutions Global and Founder of the Global Healthy Water Foundation

My mission is let every one have a disease free life, my strategic grand plan to fight climate chance is use innovative technology EcoU to rebuild our eco environment system to prevent pandemic and chronic diseases. enhance the global health quality open up a disease free era make our world a better place to live. I invite you to join my global healthy water foundation membership , join the membership has the profound meaning to re-imbalance equality for young generations and society, the innovative technology eco utility green industry is an unmanned water treatment facility that constantly provide unsurpassed water quality that no test or control needed. this innovation is designed to help everyone able to undertake the green industry business and get the satisfaction results, that do not require water treatment experience, automation eliminate job opportunity, our membership gives every a fair chance to invest they are life and future, to gain profit from the eco utility green industry the world most unique and profitable business, from the economic point of view, our membership style is an innovative mode. to help you gain money without doing a job. release government jobless burden and healthcare burden, our unique technology and membership system unable you to gain health and wealth, a business entity can join as partner we will need IT, Accountant, Lawyers, infrastructure contractors organization workers, everyone else can join as an individual member 

Business partner priced at per month $1,000 Individual memberships are $100. for people who could not afford the membership fee, you can apply for volunteer work to get free membership. everyone pays for their fair share. You can choose to get for 5 or 10-year bond or get shares as a shareholder. (read our additional information)

 If coronavirus is reminded us our essential need for life is water, food, and medicine. Healthy water enables you to live without medicine. Healthy water establishes a healthy environment and grows healthy food is the best Nutrition and natural medicine for our essential life. 

Pandemic is part of the climate change problem.  the appearance of Coronavirus is a great disaster that created a world health crisis.  eco utility green industry is the solution to clean up the environment rebuild the eco-environment system,

the unique feature of Eco-Utility green industry which provides healthy water creates an eco-environment and the unsurpassed water quality that prevents the pandemic and chronic diseases. An Eco-Utility has 4 zero characteristics for green industry and 4 zero characteristics for healthy water quality, that is zero-emission, zero hazardous solid waste; zero liquid pollution; Zero plastic water bottle. zero chemical and disinfection byproducts, zero biological pathogens and microorganisms zero total organic carbon, zero radiological substance. These characteristics establish that this technology is the most important technology of this century for fight climate change build a bright future for our planet life. A true green industry that transforms our world into a disease-free era.

Cancer, Leukemia, Diabetes, legionella, Children with low IQ, or born with body defects,  pandemic diseases  and chronic diseases are related to contaminated water. The government should play an important role as a coordinator to implement policies and deploy and arrange this grand plan execution because this project is our century grand plan for the human to survive and thrive, special Water quality elated  to a country ‘s safeties, a sick army could not protect the country , pandemic is the best example.  it is the government’s duty to protect public health and safety, Water is new Oil, healthy Water technology is the treasure of human history of cultural wisdom Take action and join now 

Published by Jenny Badger

My full name is Jenny AiJuan Badger, I involved in promoting innovative water treatment technology, because I’m the family member of the inventor. I establish Global Healthy Water Foundation in 2020, my mission is let everyone live a disease free life, use innovative technology transform water industry to no emission no pollution no solid and liquid waste, no computer monitoring, no labor cost true green industry fight climate change, build an Ultimate modern world, for next-generation have a better place to live. website: Global Healthy Water Foundation and YouTube: Global Healthy Water Foundation email:

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