Why I choose deep green color for Global Healthy Water Foundation

When I first time involved to design a logo is when I involve in start a new business, I choose a water drop with Yves Saint Laurent style the letters of the logo exact fit in the water shape, I draw the Idea and let the people computerize it for our start up company. I never learned computer technology, don’t know how to use it for design, although in the later years of the involvement E-marketing I have learned some simple skills but still far not perfect, I don’t want be a computer professional. 

before I think about choose a color for mine nonprofit foundation, I was choosing navy blue and white background I think its the color of the sea, but my apply gets rejected by SCC. VA, because filed form incorrectly, with help of the SCC VA finally my foundation got approved in June 9, 2020. with the refile, I change my mind, I think healthy water business is a green industrial business, green color represents life and environment, I choose deep green I think its a color of Evergreen, it also reminds me, my first dress, in later 70th I was in China go to middle school, at that time, no one have an idea what is a dress , everyone wear shirts and trousers, also no school clothes, almost everyone all wear green, blue, clothes, my mother made a deep green dress with white lace. I wear it to the school, I was the leader of the class I have to stand in front door of the school to greeting classmate, when the school teacher saw me wear the dress, I was ordered go home to change the cloth. the mindset of people is strange, there is many people could not accept the difference from others. because there are self do not have they could not accept others have it, or others have it they must have too. 

every existence have a reason, be yourself, don’t ever lost yourself. if you want to be a creative leader, don’t simulate others. by doing the business online, I’ve learned reform or creative will always encounter rejections form leaders and followers, I wish our world have more people with open mind, innovation change the world, innovation means break untimely rules to benefit the world.

Published by Jenny AiJuan Badger

My name is Jenny AiJuan Badger I’m the founder of Global Healthy Water Foundation and a board member of Aqueous Solutions Global. I'm committed in save people life through transform utilities around the world to Eco-utilities, produce unsurpassed water quality, healthy drinking tap water to improve the society and our planet health. prevent pandemic and chronic diseases. to achieve the goal of free healthcare for all https://globalhealthywater.org

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