Why We Vote

As an immigrant I admire America people’s enthusiasm for voting rights and the spirit of a self made business man. Before I became an American I didn’t have rights to vote and haven’t voted in my life. I strive to become a qualified American, naturalize as an American, and create a career to contribute to society. 

I’m born in China, a communist country where there are no voting rights for citizens. I yearn western democracy. I  selected a man from westrn for marriage, got a chance to learn and experience western culture. No matter where I live, I found that both autocracy and democracy have one thing in common: choosing the leader. Why do we all have to choose our leader? We hope that leaders should have the ability to formulate and execute grand plans for the benefit of the people he or she represents.

now that I have chance to vote, I starting to doubt the voting rights, I find not every leaders are working for the benefit of there are constituency. both from GOP or Democrats. I try to figure out why do American spend so much financial and energy in every election term but the results were not as expected. the roots of the results is the system. they system enables many politicians do what ever they can to take money from every American.

for example: healthcare or medicare insurance. I agree healthcare will benefit for some of the people who suffer from diseases. but what government can do better for the people is to eliminate diseases not only sell healthcare. healthcare insurance could not solve the nation health problem from physically and financially. current pandemic problem drain the government healthcare insurance fund out. Government have no money to pay to the hospital and the hospital could not save everyone’s life. what is healthcare insurance good for?

Funding the broken healthcare system could not fix the health problems all people are facing. We should provide a better living environment that keeps everyone healthy. If everyone is healthy, no one needs to use healthcare insurance regularly,  Then healthcare insurance problem is readily solved. 

Our politician should recognize invest infrastructure should based on improving residential environment removing lead water pipe, provide healthy water, water is the fundamental problem that causes people in America get chronic diseases and gene change problem. This is a crucial problem that needs politicians to solve. Politicians if you want solve American health issues, provide American healthy drinking water, please. American not only facing healthcare insurance problems, American also facing social security problems.  We are all part of this system. We should work together to solve these problems. Kick out the political arena of politicians who do not serve the American people. Drain the swamp is not Washington DC politician’s task, it is the task of Americans.  

Published by Jenny A Badger

My name is Jenny Badger I’m the founder of Global Healthy Water Foundation and a board member of Aqueous Solutions Global. I'm committed in save people life through transform utilities around the world to EcoU Green Industry, produce unsurpassed water quality, healthy drinking tap water to improve the society and our planet health. prevent pandemic and chronic diseases. to bring us live in a Ultimate modern world to live a disease free life. https://globalhealthywater.org

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