4th Industrial Revolution-green Industry

Ultimate Modern World is Global Healthy Water Foundation Strategic Plan to fight climate change transform our planet into a better Place to live, where a society everyone can work less time, a living environment with clean air, healthy water, quality food, provide better nutrition protects our health. to achieve this goal, we need a 4th industrial revolution. This industrial revolution is different from the previous industrial revolutions that destroyed our environment, they polluted our air, water, causes we and food are sick. causes climate change, but our life could not without industry activity, therefore we need transform industry to green industry with innovative technology.

There are technologies for electric car, clean energy, that is not enough to transform our planet, we need more technologies to go green. that is why I did in the past some years to promote innovative water treatment technology that invented by Dr. Paul Smith and Dr. Timothy Badger. I’m firmly believe A global movement to transform water treatment facilities is practical and The technology that has been practiced for more than ten years is at a mature stage, turning the water treatment industry into a green water treatment industry.

A Green Water treatment Industry will transform our environment and life. A Green industry has characteristics is:

  • a green water treatment industry is no emission and pollution, because the technology enables this industry not use energy, this will dramatically improve our Air quality.
  • a green Water treatment industry is no need for computer and work monitoring, no computer hacker can manipulate the water system, make the water supply system much safe. enables our society everyone work less time.
  • a green water treatment industry is no solid and liquid Waste, this technology has passed the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure. this Characteristics are improves our environment and sustainability.
  • a green water treatment industry do not use liquid chemical treat water, do not have disinfection byproducts that harm your health. removes the TOC, removes the radiological substance. Nuclear waste can be processed by this technology to prevent nuclear waste from polluting water sources. benefit to everyone’s health. also help farmer grow healthy food.

the significant of a green water treatment industry is huge, it will help us fight climate change in a very Efficient and economical way. more resistant to natural disaster, because when natural disaster happens This green water treatment industry technology allows everyone to help themselves survive by producing their own drinking water in an emergency. save life and social resources

this is my plan to benefit our society, to let everyone have a healthy life, no disease torment, no healthcare burden, where a society everyone can work 4 day a week or less. to fulfill this goal, I need your support. urge the government lawmakers open the path for green industry.

Jenny AiJuan Badger

9743 Gregorys Charter Dr.

Chesterfield VA 23236

Published by Jenny Badger

My full name is Jenny AiJuan Badger, I involved in promoting innovative water treatment technology, because I’m the family member of the inventor. I establish Global Healthy Water Foundation in 2020, my mission is let everyone live a disease free life, use innovative technology transform water industry to no emission no pollution no solid and liquid waste, no computer monitoring, no labor cost true green industry fight climate change, build an Ultimate modern world, for next-generation have a better place to live. website: Global Healthy Water Foundation and YouTube: Global Healthy Water Foundation email: Jenny.badger@hotmail.com

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