Prospects of Green Industry

My mission is to let everyone live a life free of diseases. I have been involved in innovative technology for several years, I formulated a strategic and ambitious plan to transform our world into the ultimate modern world. The ultimate modern world environment will provide everyone with healthy water, quality food and clean air. Prevent epidemics and chronic diseases. A natural free healthcare for everyone. And a society where everyone can work 4 days a week or less.   To build this ultimate modern world we need everyone’s support for the 4th industrial revolution–green industry.

Every industrial revolution is the history of human civilization and progress. The industrial revolution of the past had its technological limitations and became the main cause of climate change.   History has proved it. From the industrial revolution in London, the rise of the United States to the rapid development of China. We have all witnessed that China’s rapid development has made great contributions to the world. This contribution has allowed the world to obtain cheap living goods, but China has paid a huge price, that is, environmental destruction has led to a rapid rise in cancer and other diseases and death. Farmers’ hard work has gotten sick food or no harvest. We should learn from the failures of history and improve from them. We need politicians and entrepreneurs to work together to find solutions to make industry activities protect the environment and benefit life. I advocate that the fourth industrial revolution should be a use of emission-free and pollution-free green industrial technology to transform our world into the ultimate modern world.

I’d like to show you how the invention from Dr.Paul Smith and Dr. Timothy Badger could benefit the local Business and World

This innovative technology product is manufactured in Richmond, Virginia, Aqueous Solutions Global originally designed daily production capacity of this water treatment product is 200 cubic feet. it will be easily up scaled to 800 cubic feet daily production. we see the future of this technology made that space 6 years ago. This product is specially designed for anyone at anytime, anywhere, and any scale. from smallest pocket device for emergency to industrial water treatment facility. does not require water treatment experience. ensure you can receive the highest quality drinking water.

The significance of promoting this green industry is far from the business and job market. It is A great cause for future generations and humanity. This green industry has more characteristics that no other technology has, it can provide the highest quality drinking tap water, this water is 100% disinfection byproduct free. TOC free, microorganism pathogen free. And removes radiological substance. This is the only technology of the world. that has health benefit. help farmers grow healthy food, help humans prevent genetic DNA problem, less children born with down syndrome, less children born with body defects, less children born with cancer.  Prevent pandemic and chronic diseases. Reduce social welfare burden. Reduce healthcare cost.   This technology has more characteristics That no emission no pollution no computer and workers monitoring, no industrial solid and liquid waste. it enable other industry to develop emergency kit safe lives at emergency situation. develop soup kill the superbugs and more… a true green industry that fights the climate change, save the social resources make our life more sustainable. avoid potential nuclear waste to contaminate water sources caused potential deaths. this will change the world life significantly.

This Products can derivative other industrial products and According to the geographical location of Richmond, it can be easily shipped to all parts of the world through the Port of Virginia. It can make Virginia a pioneer in the world’s green industry, A leader in tackling climate change, bringing millions of jobs to Virginia and the world. Avoid the current potential collapse of the world economy caused by the pandemic.

most country in this world water controlled by the government, I looking for Agent sell this to world government. it should be very easy task. I believe all government of the world are serve to public benefit. Contact me at or email: phone: 1(803)938-0248 address: 9743 Gregorys Charter dr. Chesterfield VA, 23236 USA

Published by Jenny Badger

My Full Name is Jenny AiJuan Badger I'm founder at Global Healthy Water Foundation, co-founder and a board member at Aqueous Solutions Global. I'm born in Shanghai China, spent my early life in Germany, my German husband died in cancer disease. in 2007 I finished my 8 years of single life Married my current husband Alden Bruce Badger and immigrated to the United States in 2008. I don't have children, as the first marriage I plan to have children my husband died, as the second marriage it was too late for me to have children . I speak German, English, certainly Chinese. in 2014 I became US citizen, 2015 started business in Richmond VA, Aqueous Solutions Global LLC, an innovative technology company manufacturing the water filtration media. this technology invented by Dr. Timothy John Badger and Dr. Paul K Smith. because of this technology is an invention, no one knows the function and importance of this technology, I as part of business owner and family member take the task to learn and promote this technology, I haven't formally learned English in the School, I have learned Russia language in my grand , middle and high school for 6 years. I conquered all languages difficulty, and learn web post maker, I wrote all the post by myself, created social media and website in the past years. through the work online I have learned what is water quality, and scientist and doctors are told us most diseases are caused by contaminated drinking water, I realized the technology I've been promote is a lifesaving technology and enable anyone to access or produce healthy water, therefore I established Global Healthy Water Foundation in2020, my mission is to let everyone live a disease-free life. my strategic plan to fight climate change is to promote the green industry to build an Ultimate Modern World. my website

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