Ultimate Modern World -Are we a helpless society?

My name is Jenny AiJuan Badger,  I’m the Founder of the Global Healthy Water Foundation and a Co-Founder of Aqueous Solutions Global LLC. My mission is to let everyone live a disease-free life. Reduce healthcare burden, exempt people from disease torment, through empowering everyone the ability to get healthy drinking water to improve everyone immunity by investing in new innovative technology to prevent pandemic and chronic diseases.  Doctor Timothy Badger is an environmental scientist. He is my husband Alden Bruce Badger’s brother. My family and friend invested in a manufacturing business in 2015, at 2828 A Cofer Rd. Richmond VA

The invention from Dr, Timothy Badger, and Dr. Paul Smith, is the only technology that disinfects the water without building disinfection byproducts, According to Wikipedia: exposure to DBPs in drinking water with cancers, adverse birth outcomes, and birth defects. 

this technology removes the microorganism by 99.99% to 99.999%, which no other technology could reach this level. according to Wikipedia: Microorganisms are the causative agents (pathogens) in many infectious diseases. 

this is the only technology that removes the Total Organic Carbon,  according to Wikipedia: Total organic carbon (TOC) is the amount of carbon found in an organic compound and is often used as a non-specific indicator of water quality.

this is the only technology that transforms the most toxic Arsenic form 3 to Arsenic form 5 and removes it from the Water. also is the only technology that removes heavy metal from Juice and Wine without changing its color, taste, and nutrition.  

The most extraordinary Achievement is this is the only technology that removes the radiological substance from water.

These facts are benefited the health. it can reduce government healthcare costs, exempt people from disease torment.

This technology enables the world to rewrite the history of fight against climate change , never in human history before: the industry has no emission, no pollution, no heavy machinery, no computer or labor monitoring, no industrial solid or liquid waste.  The expanded media can recycle for other purposes of use or simply through it in landfills. It has passed the toxic characteristics leaching procedure. You can create an emergency tool with these products to save lives after a natural disaster. Making soap that kills superbugs and bacterias, helps hospitals keep hygiene. use the expanded media making Sandpaper or eco road pavement. theses fact is to improve the safety of the public environment and sustainability for the Society.

This technology can make Virginia a pioneer in fighting climate change, a hub of the Green industry. Revitalize Virginia job market and Economy,  Put the USA back to the peak of the world manufacturing business. but The government has done nothing to change the water regulations,  without regulations requirements, the water industry is not willing to make changes to provide healthy water for you.  they leave you vulnerable to the pandemic and chronic diseases.   the government also has No incentive, no donation, No business for this technology which could save millions of lives. exemptions Millions of people suffer from the pandemic and chronic diseases. Avoid the children born with physical defects or low IQs.

I am an immigrant American, I don’t have children, I spent years of my time fighting for your rights to live without diseases. Fight for your children’s future.  My work got attacked from the internet, I could not use my business email which I paid for. My donation has been misplaced, the money I donate to the democratic party, goes to the GOP senator private foundation. In the past 6 years, We spent over $5 million to keep the factory business running,  Because of this, we are facing the shutdown of the factory soon. Are we live in a helpless society? all that we’ve done could not help you to take action to join this world’s most profitable business and most humanitarian cause. fight for your own rights to be healthy and for your children’s future. this is your chance of a million years, join the Global Healthy Water Foundation membership,  our membership role is for investors, partnerships for communities’ public water system projects. Contact me now to make sure you are eligible to apply for a free estimate of pre-approval.  You have a choice of becoming a member as an investor or going to my website to make a donation for saving this healthy water life-saving technology. 

Jenny AiJuan Badger

 Founder at Global Healthy Water Foundation


address: 9743 Gregorys Charter dr.

Chesterfield VA 23236


Phone/Fax: 1(804)740-4564

email: jenny.badger@hotmail.com

Co-Founder at Aqueous Solutions Global


                                            2828A Cofer Rd, Richmond, VA 23224

                                            Phone: 1(804)-726-6007

                                            Toll-free: 1(844)53Water

                                            Email: ASGinfo@aqueoussolutionsglobal.com

Published by Jenny Badger

My full name is Jenny AiJuan Badger, I involved in promoting innovative water treatment technology, because I’m the family member of the inventor. I establish Global Healthy Water Foundation in 2020, my mission is let everyone live a disease free life, use innovative technology transform water industry to no emission no pollution no solid and liquid waste, no computer monitoring, no labor cost true green industry fight climate change, build an Ultimate modern world, for next-generation have a better place to live. website: Global Healthy Water Foundation and YouTube: Global Healthy Water Foundation email: Jenny.badger@hotmail.com

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