Are you giving up on Innovative technology to fight climate change and revitalize Economy?

I’m Jenny Badger, I immigrated to the United State in 2008, my husband Alden Bruce Badger brought me a house 6 days before I arrive in the USA. near the US first President George Washington’s home Mount Vernon. it is an exciting year that I’ve experienced the election of the American first black President. the impression for me, that America is a land that creates miracles. I also experienced that American was suffering from the economic recession at that time. I could not understand I got blamed for that, because I’m a Chinese.

During the early period live in America, I have per attention to US Economy and President Obama’s inspirational speech for creating jobs. in reality, I have learned that my husband’s brother Dr. Timothy Badger an Environmental scientist a paramedical veteran is close he’s business and lost his job. this make me brooding and can’t let go, I know he has an invention for water treatment technology was have a gold seal from the water quality association.  and during 2012 there is protests everywhere in the world, about clean drinking water and fight climate change. as I first-time listen to a speech from Severn Cullis Suzuki that was a wake-up call for me and I was shocked that this speech was made in 1992.  I was shocked because for over 2o years the world has not much changed for clean drinking water. and on the other side, there is a technology for clean drinking water people do not use it. 

my husband retired in 2013, he is a very experienced businessman, in 2014 I become an US citizen, I took president Obama’s words seriously, create jobs. we decided to restart the water treatment business with Dr. timothy badger’s invention. we did some research and preparation, finally in 2015 we move our business to Richmond, VA. We find a 34,000 square foot factory, renovated it, and bring it into production in 2016. and this time have reapplied and approved that gold seal from the water quality association again. But in the end of the year 2016, we have to put our factory in survive mode.  because most people don’t like to make changes. every change is a challenge, a painful denial of the existing achievement.  they were scared to make changes and lost jobs. they looking for short term  profit, not care about long term benefits and civilization.

I like to make changes, like challenges, I realized only change can be sublimated. I haven’t formally learned English at school, I’m a high school dropout, but I never stop learning new things. I haven’t learned computer course or Web design. I took the challenge, start to promote our technology online. during the promote this technology online I have learned what is water quality and why Water quality is important to your health. Water is life, but Water quality is your health.  because contaminated water is causing you and your food sick and most diseases come from contaminated water.  I also encountered a lot of other challenges from the internet I have not to receive any help instead my work online have been attacked for some years. I never give up, because I know this is a life-saving technology, that is one of the most important solution to fighting the climate change crisis. 

never in human history before a technology can empower anyone at any time, anywhere, any scale to produce the highest quality drinking water, that prevents the pandemic and chronic diseases. this technology breaks all records of water treatment technology.

The invention from Dr, Timothy Badger, and Dr. Paul Smith, is the only technology that disinfects the water without building disinfection byproducts, According to Wikipedia: exposure to DBPs in drinking water with cancers, adverse birth outcomes, and birth defects. 

this technology removes the microorganism by 99.99% to 99.999%, which no other technology could reach this level. according to Wikipedia: Microorganisms are the causative agents (pathogens) in many infectious diseases. 

this is the only technology that removes the Total Organic Carbon,  according to Wikipedia: Total organic carbon (TOC) is the amount of carbon found in an organic compound and is often used as a non-specific indicator of water quality.

this is the only technology that transforms the most toxic Arsenic form 3 to Arsenic form 5 and removes it from the Water. also is the only technology that removes heavy metal from Juice and Wine without changing its color, taste, and nutrition.  

The most extraordinary Achievement is this is the only technology that removes the radiological substance from water.

theses These facts are benefited the health. it can reduce everyone healthcare costs, exempt people from disease torment.

except theses health benefits, this technology is also the solution to fight the climate change crises. this technology could transform the water treatment industry into a 100% no emission, no pollution, no heavy machinery, no industrial solid and liquid waste, no computer monitoring, and no labor cost a truly green industry.

I worked only two and half year in my early life, I don’t have children, I have a very good life, don’t have the necessity to start business at my age 50s. Me and my family and friends spent years of time, fortune and wisdom to promote this technology fight the climate change to let the next generations to have a better life. I established Global Healthy Water Foundation in 2020, got approved as a government supported program, my foundation never get one cent and help from anyone, and our factory for 6 years could not get jobs, we have spent around $30,000 every month to keep factory to survive and now after 6 years we facing shot down the factory, I’d like ask every Grand pa and Grand ma, fathers and mothers do you give one dime for your children’s health and future? and to our leaders, Are you giving up on Innovative technology to fight climate change and revitalize economy?

Published by Jenny Badger

My full name is Jenny AiJuan Badger, I involved in promoting innovative water treatment technology, because I’m the family member of the inventor. I establish Global Healthy Water Foundation in 2020, my mission is let everyone live a disease free life, use innovative technology transform water industry to no emission no pollution no solid and liquid waste, no computer monitoring, no labor cost true green industry fight climate change, build an Ultimate modern world, for next-generation have a better place to live. website: Global Healthy Water Foundation and YouTube: Global Healthy Water Foundation email:

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