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My Name is Jenny  Badger I’m the founder at Global Healthy Water Foundation, co-founder, and a board member at Aqueous Solutions Global. My mission is to let everyone live a disease-free life. My strategic plan is to use innovative green industry technology to build an Ultimate Modern World. where people can live without a healthcare burden, no disease torment. where everyone can access or generate healthy drinking tap water anywhere at any time at any scale, equality for everyone, less work time for life.

I’m a family member of a greatest inventor of the 21 century, this technology will be the next 20 years the dominant technology fight the climate change to improve everyone’s health quality. Our factory in Richmond Virginia is produce the oxidation and adsorption water filtration media that empowers anyone to produce the highest quality drinking water that prevents the pandemic and chronic diseases, protects the public health and the environment.

Our technology is invented by dr. Paul Smith and dr. Timothy Badger, this patented invention has won twice the gold seal from the water quality Association, that proves this technology has health benefits. 

Water is life, I find it’s not quite correct. because contaminated water can take your life. I would say water quality is your health. because most diseases are caused by contaminated water. therefor to understand what is water quality will help you to protect your health. Also it will protect your consumer rights.

Water quality is classified into four categories, chemical, physical, biological, radiological.

 Here is a very general list that the problem the water treatment industry could not solve. chemical: they could not solve Disinfection byproducts problem, biological: they could not solve microorganisms corrosion problem. physical : they could not remove Total Organic Carbon radiological : they could not removeradiological substance.

National primary drinking regulation is listed over 80 different kind of these  national primary drinking water regulation is listed over 80 different kinds of contaminates, these contaminates that possibly will cause Nervous system or blood problems; increased risk of cancer, Eye, liver, kidney, Increase in blood cholesterol; decrease in blood sugar Skin damage or problems with circulatory systems, Cardiovascular system or reproductive problems, Bone disease (pain and tenderness of the bones); children may get mottled teeth.

 Dr. Paul Smith and Dr. Thimoty badger’s invention is the only technology in the world that solves all the problems that the water treatment industry could not solve.

It disinfects the water will not build disinfection byproducts, exposure to disinfection byproducts in drinking water are with cancers, adverse birth outcomes, and birth defects. 

It removes the microorganisms by 99.99% to 99.999%, solving the corrosion problems. Keeps the water pipe clean, ensures tap drinking water quality. Microorganisms are the causative agents (pathogens) in many infectious diseases. 

It removes the total organic carbon, total organic carbon (TOC) is the amount of carbon found in an organic compound and is often used as a non-specific indicator of water quality.

It can remove the radiological substance from the water. Prevent the disaster of nuclear water pollution.

It is also the only technology that transforms the most toxic Arsenic form 3 to Arsenic form 5 and removes it from the Water. also is the only technology that removes heavy metal from Juice and Wine without changing its color, taste, and nutrition.  

this technology help water industry to produce the highest quality water that helps farmers grow healthy food, reduce the loss of crops by farmers, prevents the pandemic and chronic diseases. Keep the public stay healthy, reduce everyone’s healthcare burden, exempt people from disease torment. Enhance the physique of the whole nation. it could transform the water treatment industry into a no mission, no pollution, no heavy machinery, no industrial solid and liquid waste, no computer monitoring, and no labor cost a truly green industry and true solution to fight the climate change. 

but this technology is facing extinction and our factory is facing shutdown, in the past 6 years, we get only testing jobs, although the results are proved our media produces the highest quality drinking water, we get only a few orders. Our technology provides the future you wanted.  Public health, fight climate change, save lives, create jobs, Build back better, this technology could help Virginia become the hub of the green industry, a pioneer in fighting the climate change crisis. A most profitable business with noble humanitarian causes.  what are you waiting for? get what you wanted.

Jenny AiJuan Badger

Founder at Global Healthy Water Foundation


Phone: 1(804)938-0248

Phone/Fax: 1(804)740-4564

Address: 9743 Gregorys Charter dr. 

Chesterfield VA 23236

Board member at Aqueous Solutions Global 


Phone: 1(804)726-6007

Address: 2828 A Cofer rd.

Richmond VA 23224

Published by Jenny Badger

My full name is Jenny AiJuan Badger, I involved in promoting innovative water treatment technology, because I’m the family member of the inventor. I establish Global Healthy Water Foundation in 2020, my mission is let everyone live a disease free life, use innovative technology transform water industry to no emission no pollution no solid and liquid waste, no computer monitoring, no labor cost true green industry fight climate change, build an Ultimate modern world, for next-generation have a better place to live. website: Global Healthy Water Foundation and YouTube: Global Healthy Water Foundation email:

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