Ultimate Modern World

The Factory save the Future of the Planet Aqueous Solutions Global is a Manufacture in Richmond VA, this Factory was established by Alden Bruce Badger in 2015. they are using the innovation from Dr. Paul Smith and Dr. Timothy Badger Produce the Products, which enables anyone without water treatment experience at anytime and anywhere toContinue reading “Ultimate Modern World”

Prospects of Green Industry

My mission is to let everyone live a life free of diseases. I have been involved in innovative technology for several years, I formulated a strategic and ambitious plan to transform our world into the ultimate modern world. The ultimate modern world environment will provide everyone with healthy water, quality food and clean air. PreventContinue reading “Prospects of Green Industry”


终极现代世界 是 全球健康水基金会应对气候变化的战略计划将我们的星球变成一个更宜居之地, 一个每个人都可以减少工作时间的社会,一个空气清新的生活环境,健康的水,优质的食物,提供更好的营养保护我们的健康。为了实现这一目标,我们需要第四次工业革命。这场工业革命不同于以往破坏我们环境的工业革命,它们污染了我们的空气、水,导致我们和食物生病。导致气候变化,但我们的生活离不开工业活动,因此我们需要通过创新技术将工业转变为绿色工业。 现有的电动汽车、清洁能源的技术,这还不足以改造我们的星球,我们需要更多的技术来实现绿色环保。这就是为什么我在过去几年里推广了由 Paul Smith 博士和 Timothy Badger 博士发明的创新水处理技术。我坚信一场全球性的水处理设施改造运动是切实可行的,这项实践了十多年的技术正处于成熟阶段,将水处理行业转变为绿色水处理行业。 绿色水处理行业将改变我们的环境和生活。一个绿色产业具有的特点是: 一个绿色的水处理行业是没有排放和污染的,因为这项技术使这个行业不需使用能源,这将大大改善我们的空气质量。减少水处理成本。一个绿色的水处理行业不需要电脑和工作监控,没有电脑黑客可以操纵水系统,使供水系统更加安全。使我们的社会每个人工作的时间都更少。一个绿色的水处理行业,没有固体和液体废物,这项技术已经通过了毒性特征浸出程序。这个特点是改善我们的环境和可持续性。绿色水处理行业不使用液体化学处理水,不产生危害健康的消毒副产品。去除 总有机碳量,去除微生物和病毒, 去除放射性物质。该技术可以处理核废料,防止核废料污染水源。造福大家的健康。还帮助农民种植健康食品。绿色水处理行业意义重大,它将帮助我们以非常有效和经济的方式应对气候变化。更能抵抗自然灾害,因为当自然灾害发生时,这种绿色水处理行业技术可以让每个人在紧急情况下通过生产自己的饮用水来帮助自己生存。拯救生命和节约社会资源 这是我造福社会的计划,让每个人都过上健康的生活,没有疾病的折磨,没有医疗负担,一个每个人每周可以工作 4 天或更少的社会。为了实现这个目标,我需要你的支持。敦促政府立法者为绿色产业开辟道路。

4th Industrial Revolution-green Industry

Ultimate Modern World is Global Healthy Water Foundation Strategic Plan to fight climate change transform our planet into a better Place to live, where a society everyone can work less time, a living environment with clean air, healthy water, quality food, provide better nutrition protects our health. to achieve this goal, we need a 4thContinue reading “4th Industrial Revolution-green Industry”

Ultimate Modern World

Global Healthy Water Foundation strategic plan Ultimate Modern World is my plan to build a disease free era, everyone could have a healthy life, A society where everyone can work less time, an environment more resistant to natural Disaster. let every one enjoy the benefit from a green industry never in history before. Why doContinue reading “Ultimate Modern World”

Why We Vote

As an immigrant I admire America people’s enthusiasm for voting rights and the spirit of a self made business man. Before I became an American I didn’t have rights to vote and haven’t voted in my life. I strive to become a qualified American, naturalize as an American, and create a career to contribute toContinue reading “Why We Vote”

What is Healthy Water

My name is Jenny AiJuan Badger, I founded the Global Healthy Water Foundation in 2020. I am a family member of a great innovative technology owner. I have been involved in business since 2013. As a family member of technology and business owners, before my family gathering friend together start our business we did lotsContinue reading “What is Healthy Water”

Why I choose deep green color for Global Healthy Water Foundation

When I first time involved to design a logo is when I involve in start a new business, I choose a water drop with Yves Saint Laurent style the letters of the logo exact fit in the water shape, I draw the Idea and let the people computerize it for our start up company. IContinue reading “Why I choose deep green color for Global Healthy Water Foundation”

Join the “new Oilmen club”

my name is Jenny Badger, I’m a Board Member of the Aqueous Solutions Global and Founder of the Global Healthy Water Foundation My mission is let every one have a disease free life, my strategic grand plan to fight climate chance is use innovative technology EcoU to rebuild our eco environment system to prevent pandemicContinue reading “Join the “new Oilmen club””