4th Industrial Revolution-green Industry

Ultimate Modern World is Global Healthy Water Foundation Strategic Plan to fight climate change transform our planet into a better Place to live, where a society everyone can work less time, a living environment with clean air, healthy water, quality food, provide better nutrition protects our health. to achieve this goal, we need a 4thContinue reading “4th Industrial Revolution-green Industry”

Ultimate Modern World

Global Healthy Water Foundation strategic plan Ultimate Modern World is my plan to build a disease free era, everyone could have a healthy life, A society where everyone can work less time, an environment more resistant to natural Disaster. let every one enjoy the benefit from a green industry never in history before. Why doContinue reading “Ultimate Modern World”

Join the “new Oilmen club”

my name is Jenny Badger, I’m a Board Member of the Aqueous Solutions Global and Founder of the Global Healthy Water Foundation My mission is let every one have a disease free life, my strategic grand plan to fight climate chance is use innovative technology EcoU to rebuild our eco environment system to prevent pandemicContinue reading “Join the “new Oilmen club””

this is your rights, get involved

Have you ever hear someone explained to you what is safe drinking water Quality? what standard of quality water will provide the benefits to protect your health? Politicians and Lawmakers promise to Voters have access to Safe drinking water, make regulations for the Safe Drinking Water Act. but won’t explain what is the safe drinkingContinue reading “this is your rights, get involved”

Great water treatment technology changes your life

Aqueous Solutions Global Filtration media is a Natural DNA water treatment technology, this is the only water treatment technology that can produce disinfected water without forming of disinfection byproducts. disinfection byproducts are harmful to human, it will cause cancer and reproduction problems like birth defects. this distinctive disinfection method eliminated microbial corrosion problems too. whichContinue reading “Great water treatment technology changes your life”

Which Water has the best quality for health?

Are you get confused by clean drinking water, safe drinking water, pure drinking water, alkali drinking water, healthy drinking water? Let me help you understand different water treatment technology produces different quality of Water.  Aqueous Solutions Global Water Filtration Media(NaturalDNA Solution) is the only one water treatment technology has solved Two major problems that theContinue reading “Which Water has the best quality for health?”

Schlüssel für gesundes und qualitativ hochwertiges Leben

Aqueous Solutions Global Filtration Medium Schlüssel für gesundes und qualitativ hochwertiges Leben Aqueous Solutions Global hergestellte Wasser Filtermedium sind für industrielle Zwecke bestimmt, es ist das einzige Filtermedium, das alle Arten Schadstoff aus dem Wasser entfernt und keine Desinfektionsnebenprodukte bildet, Diese hohe Trinkwasserqualität wird nur von Aqueous Solution Global Filtermedium hergestellt. Das hält uns gesund.Continue reading “Schlüssel für gesundes und qualitativ hochwertiges Leben”

ASG filtration Media key for healthy and quality living

Aqueous Solutions Global manufactured Water filtration Media is for industrial purpose , it is the only one media can removal of all the types of harmful contaminant from water and not forming disinfection byproducts, this drinking Water quality is far above the regulatory requirements, this high quality of drinking water made only by Aqueous SolutionContinue reading “ASG filtration Media key for healthy and quality living”


Aqueous Solutions Global umweltfreundlich Wasseraufbereitungs technologie einfach intelligent bedienen Aqueous Solutions Global ist ein Unternehmen das Filtrations medien für die Wasseraufbereitung herstellt. Wie funktionieren diese Medien? Diese Medien funktionieren wie eine intelligente Essmaschine. Sie frisst automatisch alle Schadstoffe und Bakterien einschließlich Superbugs. Sie brauchen keine Person um sie zu kontrollieren. Wenn das kontaminierte Wasser mitContinue reading “UNWELT FREUNDLICH AUFBEREITUNGS TECHNOLOGIE”


Aqueous Solutions Global(全球水方程)是水过滤媒介的独家制造商和全球分销商,我们的过滤介质技术由Timothy Badger博士和Paul Smith博士发明。这项伟大的发明将改变现代水处理方法的历史。 该技术经水质量协会的认证,它对人类和环境有很多益处。 1.对人体健康有益,它不使用液体化学品处理污水。它是唯一能够去除水中的总有机碳而不形成消毒附属物的技术。 2.有益于家庭的优质生活,它可以为每个家庭提供高品质的直接通过公用事业水管到家庭的饮用水,可以减少瓶装水的使用。 3.对市政有利,这项技术大大降低了生产高品质饮用水的成本。 4.有利于节约能源,这项技术不需要电力来产生饮用水,根据水环境联合会的说法,它将带来400亿美元的节省。 5.对于环境有益,这种技术不会产生废品,当水通过媒介污染物就会永久地粘合到媒介上。而处理完污水后的媒介可以再利用。 6.有利于节约资源,当发生自然灾害时不需要运输瓶装水。 7.儿童去游泳的好处,这项技术生产的水不含氯,不会产生刺激。