Jenny Badger blog 2020

Hi, I’m Jenny Badger, I born in China become A US citizen in 2014, I have involved in a start-up business, become a co-founder and board member at Aqueous Solutions Global, promote innovative technology online, through that work I have learned the technology I’ve been promoted is a lifesaving technology and enable anyone to access or produce healthy water, therefore I established Global Healthy Water Foundation, my mission is to let everyone live a disease-free life. my strategic plan to fight climate change is to promote the green industry to build an Ultimate Modern World.

How many people have to die to make you understand?!

be a Smart Water Consumer

Bio-Molecular Tech Save our Environment

Who’s gonna save you, when Doctor and Nurses died?

Global Healthy Water Flyer

from biochemistry to Bio-molecular solution a healthy evolution

Global Healthy Water Foundation strategic plan

Global Healthy Water Foundation & Eco-Utility

Solution for highest Quality Drinking Water and Profitable Business

Petition to Keep Public stay Healthy

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