Ultimate Modern World

The Factory save the Future of the Planet Aqueous Solutions Global is a Manufacture in Richmond VA, this Factory was established by Alden Bruce Badger in 2015. they are using the innovation from Dr. Paul Smith and Dr. Timothy Badger Produce the Products, which enables anyone without water treatment experience at anytime and anywhere toContinue reading “Ultimate Modern World”

Prospects of Green Industry

My mission is to let everyone live a life free of diseases. I have been involved in innovative technology for several years, I formulated a strategic and ambitious plan to transform our world into the ultimate modern world. The ultimate modern world environment will provide everyone with healthy water, quality food and clean air. PreventContinue reading “Prospects of Green Industry”

4th Industrial Revolution-green Industry

Ultimate Modern World is Global Healthy Water Foundation Strategic Plan to fight climate change transform our planet into a better Place to live, where a society everyone can work less time, a living environment with clean air, healthy water, quality food, provide better nutrition protects our health. to achieve this goal, we need a 4thContinue reading “4th Industrial Revolution-green Industry”

Why We Vote

As an immigrant I admire America people’s enthusiasm for voting rights and the spirit of a self made business man. Before I became an American I didn’t have rights to vote and haven’t voted in my life. I strive to become a qualified American, naturalize as an American, and create a career to contribute toContinue reading “Why We Vote”

What is Healthy Water

My name is Jenny AiJuan Badger, I founded the Global Healthy Water Foundation in 2020. I am a family member of a great innovative technology owner. I have been involved in business since 2013. As a family member of technology and business owners, before my family gathering friend together start our business we did lotsContinue reading “What is Healthy Water”

Why I choose deep green color for Global Healthy Water Foundation

When I first time involved to design a logo is when I involve in start a new business, I choose a water drop with Yves Saint Laurent style the letters of the logo exact fit in the water shape, I draw the Idea and let the people computerize it for our start up company. IContinue reading “Why I choose deep green color for Global Healthy Water Foundation”