What is Healthy Water

My name is Jenny AiJuan Badger, I founded the Global Healthy Water Foundation in 2020. I am a family member of a great innovative technology owner. I have been involved in business since 2013. As a family member of technology and business owners, before my family gathering friend together start our business we did lotsContinue reading “What is Healthy Water”

Join the “new Oilmen club”

my name is Jenny Badger, I’m a Board Member of the Aqueous Solutions Global and Founder of the Global Healthy Water Foundation My mission is let every one have a disease free life, my strategic grand plan to fight climate chance is use innovative technology EcoU to rebuild our eco environment system to prevent pandemicContinue reading “Join the “new Oilmen club””

this is your rights, get involved

Have you ever hear someone explained to you what is safe drinking water Quality? what standard of quality water will provide the benefits to protect your health? Politicians and Lawmakers promise to Voters have access to Safe drinking water, make regulations for the Safe Drinking Water Act. but won’t explain what is the safe drinkingContinue reading “this is your rights, get involved”

Jenny Badger & Safe Drinking Tap Water

My name is Jenny A Badger I’m a board member of Aqueous Solutions Global. I’m American immigrated from China During the economic recession in 2008. I saw American are suffering from the recession financially and physically. I’m lucky enough to know in our family there is one greatest technology that can change human life forContinue reading “Jenny Badger & Safe Drinking Tap Water”