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Are you giving up on Innovative technology to fight climate change and revitalize Economy?

I’m Jenny Badger, I immigrated to the United State in 2008, my husband Alden Bruce Badger brought me a house 6 days before I arrive in the USA. near the US first President George Washington’s home Mount Vernon. it is an exciting year that I’ve experienced the election of the American first black President. theContinue reading “Are you giving up on Innovative technology to fight climate change and revitalize Economy?”

watch this instead cop26

I’m Jenny Badger, I accidentally bump into the green industry business, which is the innovation from dr. Timothy Badger and dr. Paul Smith, this technology could transform the water treatment industry into a 100% no emission, no pollution, no heavy machinery, no industrial solid and liquid waste, no computer monitoring, and no labor cost aContinue reading “watch this instead cop26”

Ultimate Modern World -Are we a helpless society?

My name is Jenny AiJuan Badger,  I’m the Founder of the Global Healthy Water Foundation and a Co-Founder of Aqueous Solutions Global LLC. My mission is to let everyone live a disease-free life. Reduce healthcare burden, exempt people from disease torment, through empowering everyone the ability to get healthy drinking water to improve everyone immunityContinue reading “Ultimate Modern World -Are we a helpless society?”


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